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Adobe Acrobat DC: Manage Work Easily on Any Screen, Anywhere

Adobe Acrobat has been the leading software to create, edit and share PDFs for as long as its been on the market. With every iteration it becomes better than before and this update is no exception. The new Adobe Acrobat DC (document cloud) has made it easier to access PDFs on whatever screen you are using. Offering the optimal solution for the modern workforce, here is more information on Acrobat DC so you can get the most out of the platform:

From Small Screens to Big Screens

With the Acrobat Reader Mobile app, you can view, search, print, sign and annotate PDFs on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. If you’re on the move with only your cell phone on hand, you can use it to easily and efficiently make notes for yourself or your colleagues to work on later. These annotations include tagging people and adding interactive comments. If you’re a tablet user you can edit texts and photos or rearrange pages in a PDF on an iPad, Android tablet or Chromebook.

Adobe Scan

The Adobe Scan mobile app allows users to scan paper documents such as forms, business cards, receipts and much, much more. These comprehensive scans will automatically be converted into fully searchable PDFs. No longer do you have to worry about losing your mother’s recipe for your favourite childhood dish.

Adobe Sign

With the Adobe Sign mobile app, E-signatures can be added to any PDF document with the tap of a finger. Thankfully the days of having to print out documents on paper and manually signing are over. Now you don’t even need to use a digital pen or stylus to add a signature to documents – you can simply sign with your finger. You can even save your signature to quickly add to multiple pages and easily resize it if necessary.

Desktop Features

There is additionally a plethora of exciting new features for the desktop version of Adobe Acrobat.

  • Editing: You can now add bullet lists or numbered lists to PDF documents.
  • Microsoft Office 365 integrations: You can now create, edit and view PDFs in Office 365, SharePoint and OneDrive. This integration makes PDF files much more accessible.
  • Review: If multiple people need to work on a PDF document together, you’ll get a notification when anyone takes action on the PDF. The program also keeps all of the feedback, comments and notifications in the same place so they can be efficiently read and taken care of.
  • High-end print production: If you’re going to be printing hundreds of PDFs and you want to ensure they are of the highest quality, Acrobat allows you to preview, preflight and prepare files before you end up with printed documents where the reds look like oranges.
  • Confidentiality: If you are viewing, editing or sharing PDF files you can rest assured they will be protected with Adobe’s highest levels of security. You can also send, track and confirm delivery of files so you’re aware when someone has received and opened documents you’ve sent.

These incredible features are just a few of the multitude of the ways Adobe Acrobat DC services can help you make the best PDF documents ever.

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