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A Cloudy day with Disaster Recovery

Not sure where to start regarding public cloud? Think top-notch disaster recovery – easy, fast and cost-effective. With a spike in ransomware attacks, having a reliable business continuity and disaster recovery plan (BCDR) has become a top priority for businesses. For Microsoft Azure users, this priority has become easier and more effective to achieve.

With the release of Azure Site Recovery (ASR) for Azure virtual machines, it is now more cost-effective and resource-efficient for businesses to build a reliable and scalable BCDR.

ASR, named as an industry leader by Gartner for its execution capabilities in 2016, focuses on hosted and on-premises workloads and applications with replication and failover into an Azure environment, greatly reducing cost and complexity. Azure Site Recovery for Azure virtual machines leverage the on-prem service for workloads and applications for source and target environments on Azure.

By defining a cloud-based disaster recovery program such as ASR for Azure virtual machines, businesses can protect their workloads both on-prem, on the cloud and in hybrid environments.

Businesses need to ensure any critical infrastructure can be recovered on time (recovery time objective) and in full (recovery point objective). With ASR, your client is not charged for the virtual machines on the target site, this reduces infrastructure costs substantially.

In addition, your client can configure a workflow to run automatically in the event of a disaster, reducing administrative failure risks and costs substantially.

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