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8 Things You Didn’t Know Your Microsoft Surface Pro Could Do

If you’re looking to update your tech game, take a look at one of the most powerful business machines of the moment – The Microsoft Surface Pro. Not only is it ultra-light and versatile, including all of the top tier capabilities that you love, but it will surprise you with it’s more under-the-radar features.

Here are 8 things you didn’t know your Microsoft Surface Pro could do:

1.  Lasts for up to 14 hours

For such a lightweight machine, the Surface Pro will shock you will the staying power of the amped up battery life. With over 13.5 will be more than enough to keep you covered throughout the workday, even if you need to work some OT.

2.  Features an improved Surface Pen

With an easy to use interface, and ergonomic design, you will fall in love with the Microsoft Surface Pro stylus. Created without limits, it’s faster than ever (virtually no lag!) and was built with greater sensitivity.

3.  Stores your documents with confidence

With a stock 128 GB solid state drive, the Microsoft Surface Pro gives its users flexibility. For those who need a little more storage, the device also offers storage amounts of 256 GB, 512 GB and 1 TB.

4. TPM Chip Encryption

Unlike other mobile options, the Microsoft Surface Pro offers more security and peace of mind with a TPM Chip Encryption option that can be activated for enterprise clients. With state of the art encryption, your documents will be stored with confidence.

5. Access to the full suite of Office applications

There’s no need to compromise on the full suite of Office applications with the Surface Pro. Unlike the other options in this class, this device has access to the entire program – from Word to PowerPoint, you will be able to take the power of a desktop with you, on-the-go.

6. Runs third-party applications with ease

Just like the Office Applications, the Surface Pro runs third party apps such as QuickBooks and SAP without a hitch. This is not the mobile application, instead the Pro is able to run the full program without impacting its processing speed.

7. 1080p HD video

With a 5.0 MP 1080p front-facing camera, and an 8.0 MP 1080p rear-facing cameras, the Surface Pro will make Skype and other video applications crystal clear. Leave the fuzzy video and bad connections in the past, and step-up your business video teleconferencing abilities while on the move.

8.  USB Ability

The Microsoft Surface Pro is the only mobile solution that offers a USB 3.0 slot. This will allow you to easily transmit documents, plug in your favourite mouse or even run a portable DVD player. The possibilities are endless, and only with the Microsoft Surface Pro.