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7 Things You Didn’t Know Adobe Acrobat Could Do

When browsing software for your company, it is more an issue of what it CAN’T do, than what it CAN do. However, Adobe has transformed the landscape of the software industry with Acrobat, a multitasking program that will have massive effects on how your business operates on a daily basis. Press pause on your skepticism till you’ve taken a look under the figurative hood to review the 7 Things You Didn’t Know Adobe Acrobat Could Do:

1. End-to-end digital transformation

Acrobat with Document Cloud and Adobe Sign ensures that your business can enjoy a truly complete solution. Document Cloud allows systems such as Salesforce, Workday, Ariba, Microsoft, Dropbox to connect to each other, and transfer documents between them with ease. Adobe Sign will have your business automated for the 21st century, enabling your workforce to be empowered whether on-the-go, or in the office with the apps they need to complete their work.

2. A single, standardized solution

Acrobat DC is the ultimate, money-saving solution! The versatile software works on Windows, Mac, Online and even on mobile platforms. Plus, with one easy-to-use PDF vendor code, you’ll be able to easily deploy Acrobat throughout your organization without the headaches that normally comes with software implementation on an organizational scale.

3. Streamlined administration

Companies are always on the lookout for a customizable software solution with administrative capabilities, and Acrobat delivers. With best-in-class administration tools and over 2000 custom options, your IT team be thrilled with the new set-up. Additionally, with every PDF meeting Section 508 of the U.S. Rehabilitation Act, you will be investing in a smart and accessible piece of kit.

4. Acrobat works with you to achieve success and a better return on investment

What’s not to love about a software platform that can deliver ROI? With Acrobat you will enjoy an interface that is user-friendly and offers support in twenty-six languages. Plus, with leading community resources available at a click of a button, and an extensive support ecosystem, Acrobat eliminates useless training, and gets users up and running in record time.

5. Work on-the-go

Adobe knows that businesses today have a more flexible structure with employees often on the move so Acrobat was developed to move WITH you. Only with Acrobat will you be able to work on a document in the morning, while tweaking it on the train on the way to a meeting downtown, to the final sign-off while cooking dinner at home

6. Collaboration across your enterprise-based solution

Collaboration is a great buzz word in the IT community, but Acrobat turns it into a reality for your business. Acrobat DC allows multiple reviewers to work on a document without being blocked out, all while commenting and utilising shared reviews with Acrobat Reader. Did we mention you can do this all from any device?

7. Trust your documents are secure

A software is only as strong as its security, and with Acrobat DC you will be in capable hands. The software allows for you to password protect your PDF, which will permit you to redact sensitive information, as well as, preventing others from copying or editing your document. Now that is something any business can get behind.

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