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5 Things You Missed at the SMB Alliance Summit

5 Things You Missed at the SMB Alliance Summit

For those lucky enough to attend the event in Toronto at the elegant Shangri-La Hotel, the SMB Alliance Summit was a fantastic opportunity to learn about SMB tech industry trends and gain insight from some of the IT industry’s top minds. Ingram Micro and a host of sponsors put together a great summit for the attendees.

If you missed out on attending the event in person or watching the live stream, read on for a brief recap of the SMB market discussions and insider talk from Marc Salzman, Microsoft experts, and leaders from Ingram Micro (the host for the evening).

Here are 5 things you missed at the SMB Alliance Summit:

1. The Tech Fair

The tech fair opened the event with a chance to meet and greet some of the sponsoring organizations. Tech giants were on hand to strut their stuff to a lively crowd of summit-goers. Companies like HP Enterprise, Dell EMC, Microsoft, Seagate, and more filled the Tech Fair with a buzz around new products, services, and tech innovations. It was a great opportunity for SMB tech enthusiasts, IT professionals, and business owners to check out the latest and greatest to hit the market.

2. The Insights of Mark Saltzman

As one of the leading “tech evangelists” on the continent, Mark is a freelancer and columnist with a resume a mile long. With over 15 books to his name and an impressive catalogue of TV shows, public speaking engagements, and more, Mark is a leading voice in the tech world. His discussion included some key speaking points about the future of the SMB market. The takeaways? The cloud revolution isn’t slowing down. Local service is key for timely, accurate SMB solutions, too. The supply chain is coming to your doorstep with localized factory networks shrinking the delivery network timetable. Get ready for the future – it’s here

3. Hearing directly from Microsoft’s team

Andre Faria offered interesting notes on the development partner channel and some of the cool things in the Microsoft hopper. It’s all about the cloud and digital transformation in the industry right now. As the demand for SMB technology grows and the modern office environment evolves, Microsoft has big plans for the SMB tech segment amidst competition including some of the other sponsors and even the attendees! The market is heating up, and business IT solutions are a major force for change across many organizations. It’s an exciting time to work in our industry.

4. The in-depth benefits of partnering with Ingram Micro

Chad Saliba from Ingram Micro laid out the service offering behind the success of the company. It boils down to the timely response from local teams to deliver IT services that SMBs demand. Downtime is not an option when your whole operation is at risk. He also spoke about the move to local warehousing in Vancouver and Toronto to maximize the efficiency of their deliveries, and Chad offered some keen insights into the online ordering process evolution for SMBs transacting on the web.

5, The Live Stream

If you couldn’t attend the event IRL, it was possible to watch the discussion online through the efforts of the host, Micro Ingram. Lucky for you, the SMB Alliance Summit video is still available via this link.