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5 Things To Change That Will Help You Foster A New Work Culture

A new age of work culture is emerging and it’s important for businesses to get on board to attract the best talent out there. Digitally transforming your technology by using Microsoft products is one of the many ways you can usher in this new era.

Here are five areas to focus on when adopting the best new technology for your business.

1. Creativity and Innovation

Creatively stimulated employees offer businesses a serious competitive advantage. Across all industries, technology can be used to offer innovative solutions to pre-existing problems, dream up new ideas and compile incomprehensible data. Fortunately for us, this technology is right at our fingertips – literally! – with the use of touchscreens. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a growing industry that will make humans interacting with technology in a creative manner, a seamless process. Computers can now talk to us, see us and react in real time with an ease that makes technology essentially an extension of us, making it easier for people to be innovative.

2. Better Ways to Team

Whether your business is a start-up with only 5 people or a global enterprise with upwards of a thousand employees, it’s crucial for team members to be connected.  People are more mobile than ever with remote working and freelancing becoming increasingly popular. Office 365 helps teams stay in touch and share important documents regardless of location. For example, performing on-premise migration moves email inboxes that would typically only be available in a certain location onto the cloud. This is only one of a number of ways that businesses can use Microsoft technology to ensure employees communicate efficiently from wherever they are.

3. Securing Your Environment

With new and exciting comprehensive technology, preventative security methods are essential. Unfortunately, digitally transforming your business increases your chances of being hacked or cyber-attacked. Fortunately, Microsoft has implemented new technology – such as developments in artificial intelligence that’s used for encryption – to keep your business’ online presence secure. For example, facial and voice recognition can be implemented to unlock devices and even certain documents while AI can also be used to identify a company’s sensitive information and encrypt it based on policy and previous data.

4. Simple Technology

There is such a diversity of tools and devices offered by Microsoft that anyone can find something suited to their specific needs and skill level. Cloud-based technology and mobile apps mean that employees can not only take their work home with them, but it also simplifies the user experience. Efficient, user-friendly technology results in less time spent on menial tasks and increases productivity.

5. The Importance of Your Frontline

Frontline employees are essentially a business’ brand ambassador. Whether they work in retail shops, act as greeters at an event or operate machinery in factories or on construction sites, they are an important part of fostering a new work culture. While their importance is often underestimated, they are the first to see how customers engage with the business and how efficiently different processes work. Technology should be implemented to include Frontline employees in order to engage customers and create new developments.

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