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5 Industries Microsoft Surface is Perfect For

As one of the most powerful machines on the planet in its category, the true power of the Microsoft Surface comes from the use within the business community. From small businesses to large corporations, it’s the future of the mobile office and is beneficial to a wide range of industries.

Here are five industries that would benefit most from this truly amazing piece of tech:

Small Business

Designed to be mobile, the Surface but will ensure that you’ll have the power of a desktop with the convenience of being able to take it on-the-go. This is ideal for the small business professional who has an endless list of tasks that take them outside of the office – from clie nt presentations to checking emails in taxi rides. The Surface liberates the independent entrepreneur the freedom to work the way that suits them best.   


With its slim profile and lightweight frame, the Surface is easily carried around campus in a backpack and facilitates a simple, collaborative experience for students. If you take pride in your note-taking abilities, the lifelike inking feature stores your scrawls in a digital format, making it a bit easier to decipher during late-night cramming sessions or when lending to a friend who missed a class.

Education Sector


Not only does the Surface reduce the amount of paperwork for government employees, but the intuitive digital inking with Surface Pen makes it a breeze to take notes and capture signatures. It also provides a high level of dependability with the enterprise-grade security with simple encryption options – such as thumb drive encryption – to reliably protect confidential data.


How can you be expected to develop transformative products if your tools aren’t at the same level? The Surface is revolutionizing the manufacturing industry by redefining traditional workstation with unique tools – such as the Surface Pen and Surface Dial – that allow engineers to be more hands-on with their projects. Built for Windows 10, Surface integrates with everyday apps and services as well being compatible with professional software like AutoCAD.

Manufacturing Industry


For those in the legal profession, it can be a trial to find a mobile option that is both secure AND efficient. The Surface Pen allows you to take notes, and edit documents with ease and precision without sacrificing communication, freeing up time to focus on clients. The enterprise-grade security will safeguard your peace of, keeping confidential data shielded from unauthorized access, malware, and viruses.